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Catherine Lee, 24, received her BFA from USC in 2008, and Jessica Kao, 25, graduated from UCLA with a degree in Art History in 2008. Both are lifetime residents of Los Angeles, and the two have just returned having spent a year in Paris together. Paris was defined by the underworld of artist squats and illegal parties held underground in the less traveled catacombs. In addition, Jessica was a resident of Berlin, experiencing an infamous summer in a city whose war torn facade hosts a burgeoning network of artists. They bring these experiences back to their hometown, which is currently in the midst of rivaling New York as the most relevant capital of contemporary art. Catherine has, in the past, worked for Los Angeles based performance artist group, My Barbarian, as well as artist Ann Trondson. Jessica has been affiliated with M+B gallery, and is now currently employed at LeBasse Projects in Culver City.

Devina M., A.K.A. Rabbit Lady, is owner and operator of her own rabbit rescue project since 2006. Astrologer, student of a great master, she considers herself an alternative nurse, exploring the healing effects of role-play with adults. She would love to amuse you with her R.R.R. (rabbit reaction readings). Any question about sex or romance may be answered so long as the questioner is honest, and ready to be revealed; remember, bunnies love to breed!

Tanya Bernard: box maker and destroyer, experience producer, writer, photographer, court jester, light lover and closet lunatic extraordinaire. Tanya tries to address too many themes in her art, so a full bio would take up entirely too much room on this page (don’t worry, she’s in the process of refining). Tanya received her B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California in 2008, where she was the undergraduate commencement speaker and a Discovery Scholarship recipient. For the past two years she worked as Art Director and A&R rep for Custard Records in West Hollywood: an indie rock label owned by Linda Perry whose artist roster includes James Blunt and the Crash Kings. Before that, Tanya worked as a curatorial intern at LAXART in Culver City, and as an Organizer and Archivist for five years at the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles. After two years of swearing off art making for good she’s back, trying to “be somebody” and “go somewhere.”

Amanda Alfieri is a photographer, video and performance artist based in L.A. County. In 2006 she received the USC Handtmann Photography Prize and in 2007 received her B.F.A. from the University of Southern California. In 2008 she was awarded a Skowhegan artist’s residency. Recent performance projects include “Serious Work”, at Redcat’s Spring Studio in Los Angeles, CA, Off the Strip: Two Weeks of Performance and Video Art at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Las Vegas, NV and Low Lives at FiveMyles in Brooklyn, NY; Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami, FL; and labotanica, Houston, TX.

Juli Lindsey graduated from the University of Southern California in 2008 with a B.A. in Fine Art, where she received the prestigious annual Handtmann Photography Prize for her solo exhibition Running Along the Edges.  She has been the photo editor at Docuvitae photography studio for the last four years, and photographed for a wide range of clientele including Los Angeles Magazine, protopunk legends the New York Dolls, the Foo Fighters, FIG restaurant, and Ziyi Zhang from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.  She is also co-owner of Project Infest, a downtown L.A. music and art collective which connects independent artists with the local and larger L.A. area community.  Her photographs have recently been exhibited in the group shows The Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dog Store, May 2010 and Art Show, March 2010.

Patrisse Cullors has an instinct for crafting raw emotion into a coherent path for healing and transformation. From her sweeping smile to her captivating laugh, every interaction is an opportunity to engage in the practice of performance art with fierce authenticity. The wisdom of dance roots her choreography, moving her audience through the suffering of oppressed peoples while building a plan of resilience with somatic clarity. Her routines are a synthesis of ancestral dialogue and a drive to move the human spirit into power. With over a decade of experience building an anti-racist movement against patriarchy, queer oppression, and xenophobia, informed by an alliance with third world movements, Patrisse situates art as a centerpiece in the sustainability and liberation of her community. For her, performance art is a prayer to the highest self of her audience and an invitation to dance, heal, and pave a way for our most Godly selves to actualize.

Chris O’Hurley was born in Boston, MA in 1987 and received his BFA in 2010 from USC Roski School of Fine Arts with a concentration in Sculpture.  He is now living between Los Angeles and Berlin.  His practice currently focuses on collage and sculpture, looking at themes of social and physical interaction through tiny pieces of mass culture.  His work has been featured by The Company in Los Angeles, and shown at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, Fisher Museum of Art in Los Angeles, and Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco.


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